Copy of Commission Pieces


Within your price ,because it’s not a set product,  I produce a sketch tailored to your design to ensure you are happy with the placement of the animals and also get a feel for the general theme of the piece.

All my pieces are completely hand produced from the highest quality stoneware clay. Stoneware is one of the strongest forms in pottery and has a beautiful vibrant and gloss finish once completed in its last firing.

Timeline is 4-6 weeks as with anything ceramic it’s a slow process to ensure the drying and firings go to plan.

Jewellery: e.g charm , earrings , necklace:

starting price: 80.00 GBP

ceramic pieces:

starting price 145.00 GBP

please ONLY click the email link below IF YOU HAVE READ THE ABOVE to send across your idea or simply any question you may have and i will reply within 24 hours:

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