About the materials

I use Stoneware clay , this is a ceramic clay which requires to be fired in a pottery kiln to temperatures of 1200 degrees. This is very important as ceramic clays are the same you use in your everyday table ware such as mugs , cups , plates etc.

I have my own pottery kiln which is use. 
- I use scarva stoneware clay

- scarva lead free transparent glaze

- amaco underglaze

pottery goes through different stages:




bisque firing to 1060 degrees

underglazing ( adding colours) 

a glaze firing to 1200 degrees ( can only be achieved in a kiln)

I Always recommend local pottery studios and attend some classes if you’re wishing to learn to make durable ,SAFE items. 

SAFETY IS SO IMPORTANT  I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn from a PROFESSIONAL. I am not a teacher I just simply run my own business 

my items are NOT air dry clay. Air dry clay is a hobby clay , which anyone can use as it simply dries in the air and does not cure. Air dry clay cannot come into contact with food , water or any other Materials as it is NOT FOOD or WATER SAFE and will crumble and cause issues.